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Damage Insurance Professionals

Damage insurance agents and brokers, as well as claims adjusters are all damage insurance professionals. They are certified by the Autorité des marchés financiers and overseen by the ChAD.

Titles that are Protected by Law

Individuals who are authorized to use these titles must hold a representative’s certificate issued by the Authority in damage insurance (in the sector class “agent” or “broker”) or a certificate in claims adjustment. In order to obtain this licence, representatives must pass the admission examinations; to keep their licence, they must take professional development courses and comply with the code of ethics.

Damage Insurance Representatives

Damage insurance contracts are complicated. Damage insurance representatives—in other words, damage insurance agents or brokers—ensure that the consumer’s insurance contract meets his or her needs.

Damage insurance representatives may practice in the field of:

  • personal lines damage insurance,
  • commercial lines damage insurance,
  • or both.
Damage Insurance Agents Damage Insurance Brokers
A damage insurance agent works for an insurance company (an insurer). The agent identifies the product offered by his insurer that best meets the insured’s needs and recommends it to the insured. A damage insurance broker works in a brokerage firm that offers a variety of damage insurance products from a number of insurers. He asks for a quote from his network of insurers and offers the insured the quote that best meets the insured’s needs.


Claims Adjusters

When a loss occurs, the insurer designates a claims adjuster to guide the insured through the process of making a claim. This professional will investigate the facts and circumstances of the loss, estimate the damages and negotiate the settlement of the claim in accordance with the terms of the insurance contract.

Claims adjusters may practice in the field of:

  • personal losses;
  • commercial losses;
  • or both.

Claims adjusters may also be mandated to act by the insured.

Professionals certified by the Autorité and overseen by the ChAD : more than words

Their obligations

​​To work as a damage insurance professional, one must:

  • satisfy the minimum qualifications
  • pass the examinations required by the Autorité des marchés financiers
  • pass the probationary period (6 or 12 week internship)
  • obtain the certificate issued by the Autorité des marchés financiers

Only after having successfully completed these steps does an individual become a member of the Chambre de l’assurance de dommages and receive authorization to act as an agent, broker or claims adjuster. In order to keep their certificate, individuals must fulfill two main obligations:

Keep Their Skills Up to Date
In order to keep their professional skills up to date, and indeed improve them, all damage insurance agents and brokers, and claims adjusters must take a minimum of 20 hours of training every two years, barring which their certificate will be suspended. This measure is designed to ensure that ChAD members’ skills always remain up to date.

Respecting a Code of Ethics
As is the case for members of all professional orders, damage insurance agents and brokers, as well as claims adjusters are governed by a code of ethics. If they do not fulfill their duties and obligations to the public, they may lose their right to practise.