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Co-ownership insurance is a complex area that a syndicate of co-ownership (the co-owners community) must be familiar with in order to best fulfil the various insurance obligations to which it is committed. The syndicate’s directors are elected to the board of directors and are in charge of managing the condominium and more specifically, its insurance policies. In addition to their obligations, they must provide information to the other co-owners with regard to relationships between the various insurance contracts. Moreover, the syndicate’s responsibility could be held liable if it does not respect the provisions of the law and the declaration of co-ownership.

Tools to be updated

Warning : To learn more, please read Changes to Co-Ownership Insurance (In French Only).

  • ​​Notice regarding the renewal of a condominium unit owner’s insurance policy
  • A list of documents for damage insurance brokers and agents
  • Checklist for syndicate of co-ownership
  • Procedure and all available check-lists for the Insured