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Home Insurance

A consumer’s residential needs may change frequently and these needs will certainly evolve over the years.

Co-ownership Insurance

It is important to consider that there are two categories of contracts in co-ownership insurance: that of each co-owner, and that of the co-ownership syndicate.

10 Questions to Ask Yourself When Renewing a Home Insurance Policy

Whether you’re buying or renovating, it is important to notify your damage insurance broker or agent of any changes that could have an impact on your coverage. A ten-question list is available to help you keep track of important issues.

How do I decide on the correct amount of insurance?

The correct answer is neither the price paid, nor the municipal evaluation nor the house’s market value; it is the evaluation of the cost of rebuilding the home.

Home insurance limits and exclusions

Insurance contracts have limits and exclusions. Do you know about them?

Avoid being over- or under-insured

How and why you should avoid being over- or under-insured.