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The Right Insurance for You

Damage insurance protects you in the wake of a loss or damage to your car, house, apartment, condo, or business. This section demystifies the different types of insurance that exist; it will help you make sense of things and find the right resources to ensure that you are properly covered. It also includes important questions to ask at renewal time.

Shopping for insurance

Automobile Insurance

  • Practical information on automobile insurance.
  • Answers to the automobile insurance questions insureds most frequently ask themselves.
  • What you need to know before purchasing automobile insurance.

Home Insurance

  • What you need to know to be a well-insured homeowner or tenant.
  • The particularities of condominium insurance.

Commercial-lines Insurance

  • The specific features of commercial-lines insurance for large companies, SMBs and certain self-employed individuals.
  • What you need to know about automobile insurance for work vehicles.

Renewing your insurance contract

As the insured, you are in the best position to clearly identify any changes to your situation that have occurred over the past year. Damage insurance agents or brokers need this information to properly advise you and offer you the coverage that corresponds to your situation. Discover the questions that will help you identify issues you need to discuss with your professional at contract renewal time.

Renewing your home insurance

Have you done any renovations on your residence? Have you replaced the water heater? Bought any valuable items? Are you planning to do a home-swap or rent your home on a short-term basis? Discover the questions you should ask yourself before renewing your home insurance contract.

Discover the questions you need to ask yourself

Condominium insurance renewals

Is someone new living in your condominium? Do you work there on a regular basis? Are you planning to do any significant upgrades? Are you storing anything outside your condominium, for instance, at your cottage or campground? These are a few examples of changes that are important to mention when renewing your condominium insurance.

Discover the questions you need to ask yourself

Commercial-lines renewals

Have you added to or changed your company’s business activities or developed new products? Have you bought any new devices or equipment? Are any neighbouring premises vacant or has a new bar moved in next door? These are a few examples of issues that need to be taken into consideration when renewing your commercial-lines insurance.

Discover the questions you need to ask yourself

Commercial-lines automobile insurance renewals

Have you bought a vehicle or a trailer for your company? Are you using your company’s vehicle in a new area or outside of Quebec? Have you hired any new drivers? These are just a few issues of the that need to be taken into consideration when renewing your automobile insurance for business vehicles.

Discover the questions you need to ask yourself

Automobile insurance renewals

Are you using your car less often? Is a new driver using your vehicle? Do you plan to use your car to transport passengers for a fee or rent it to others? Have you lost any demerit points? These questions could significantly impact your automobile insurance renewal.

Discover the questions you need to ask yourself