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Training Costs

Whether you are a damage insurance broker or agent, office manager or claims adjuster, the ChAD developed training sessions based on your practice. Training sessions can be given on request in your orgazination and public sessions are offered in several regions accros Quebec.

Online Training Sessions

EduChAD is an online training space created by the ChAD to allow members to complete their compulsory ongoing professional development via an accessible offering of training activities from any computer with a connection to the internet. ÉduChAD is integrated into the ChAD Portal.

The price of training courses offered online on ÉduChAD depends on the number of PDUs associated with them. For example, a course that earns 1 PDU costs $24, while a course that earns 0.5 PDUs costs $18.

Mandatory Course

The on-line course costs $60 per participant, in other words, $30 per PDU. Participants can take the course at the time, place and speed that suits them best. If need be, they can stop the course and resume taking it later.   

Professional Titles

  • Cost: $125 plus tax to review the file and issue the A.I.B. or C.I.B. diploma. 


  • $30 for request analysis.