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The protection of personal information

Length: 0 h 30 | Cost: $20
Professional development unit(s) per category
Administration: 0,5 PDU
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In a world increasingly focused on the collection and use of data, it’s essential to know how to manage this information responsibly, respecting privacy and complying with current legislation.

Our training course, entitled “The protection of personal information”, will provide you with practical skills to ensure the security of personal information within your organization.

During this training course, you will explore in detail the essential aspects related to the protection of personal information, including:

  • The information life cycle,
  • An organization’s obligations when collecting and using personal information,
  • Personal and non-personal information,
  • The impact of unsecured sharing of sensitive information,
  • Identifying and understanding the different types of security incidents.

This training will help you meet these challenges proactively, ensuring the secure management of sensitive information and respecting the privacy rights of everyone involved.

General objective

This training course is designed to equip you with the skills you need to protect personal information rigorously and securely within your organization.

Specific objectives

  • Understand the five phases of the information life cycle.
  • Identify personal information and its importance.
  • Understand the legal obligations related to the collection and use of this information.
  • Recognize the risks associated with the unsecured sharing of sensitive information.
  • Identify different types of security incidents.
  • Detect, document and report such incidents effectively.