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Having my training recognized

​To have a training activity accredited or have the accreditation renewed, or to add a trainer, please log in to your training provider file on ÉduChAD.


​​As stipulated in the Regulation on Compulsory Professional Development​, the ChAD offers accreditation for training activities in the five following categories: 

  • Administration
    Including: economics, accounting and finance, human resources management, marketing, information systems management, management and business strategies.
  • Insurance Techniques
    Including: personal lines insurance, commercial lines insurance, risk management, claims adjustment, building services, investigation and loss-prevention techniques. 
  • Law
    Including: damage insurance, civil law and commercial law.
  • Professional Development
    Including: customer service, sales techniques and knowledge transmission methods. ​
  • Compliance
    Including: The Act respecting the distribution of financial products and services and its regulations, file keeping, a firm’s obligations, a representative’s legal liability, regulations on professional practice, the investigation and disciplinary process and the Privacy Act.

Training activities must be directly connected to damage insurance or firm management in order to ensure better protection of the public. Consequently, language or communications courses, as well as “personal development” courses are not eligible for accreditation.

For more information on the sub​jects included in each area:

Skills Profile (in French only)

Subjects in the Compliance Category​ (in French only)


All accredited activities must: 

  • Last a minimum of 15 minutes.
  • Satisfy the following criteria: 
    • ​Contribute to the protection of the public; 
    • Enable ChAD members to further their expertise in damage insurance, claims adjustment and firm management; 
    • Be structured in a manner that is conducive to learning; 
    • Add to one’s qualifications, in other words, enable the member to master the skills required to perform his/her professional duties; ​
    • Be transferable, in other words, the knowledge acquired during the course may be recognized in other damage insurance workplaces; 
    • Deal with a subject listed under section 4 of the Regulation respecting the compulsory professional development of the ChAD (the Regulation).
  • Be given during a convention, a symposium, a seminar, a classroom training session or through distance or online training
  • Be given by a trainer recognized by the ChAD.

Distance or online training must include an exam with a minimum of five questions per hour of training. The participant must score at least 60% to earn PDUs.

For more information:

Regulation respecting the compulsory professional development of the Chambre de l’assurance de dommages


Training can only be accredited if it is provided by an experienced trainer whose professional experience and experience in group facilitation meet the following criteria:

Professional Experience
3 years of experience in the subject he/she teaches.

Trainer’s Experience
If the trainer has over 100 hours of experience, but fewer than 240 hours, he/she must take a two-day course for trainers. If the trainer has no experience as a facilitator, the trainer must take a three-day course for trainers.

Learn more about the train the trainer activities.


Training providers who apply to have their application for training accreditation granted or renewed shall abide by the following obligations: 

  • Respect the Regulation respecting the compulsory professional development of the Chambre de l’assurance de dommages 
  • Ensure that the trainer(s) has/have the proper qualifications to provide the training. 
  • Ensure that no information given during the training conflicts with the laws and regulations governing damage insurance. 
  • Ensure that the training consistently follows the summary of the trainer’s guide (course plan) that was submitted with the application for accreditation. 
  • Not use the training to promote a product. 
  • Not engage in false or misleading advertising, or advertising that is likely to deceive the participants. 
  • Show the number of PDUs, the category(ies), and the PDU logo on all advertising for accredited training. 
  • Have the participants who complete an in-classroom training session sign the attendance sheet. 
  • Have participants who take on-line training complete a summative evaluation. The passing mark shall be 60% or higher. 
  • Confirm the participants’ attendance on ÉduChAD within 30 days of having given the training and download the attendance sheet or the completion report. 


  • All applications for accreditation must be submitted at least 30 days before the training activity is scheduled to be held. 
  • The ChAD must receive payment of the required fees before analysing the application for accreditation. 
  • A supplier who receives a request from the ChAD for additional information on accreditation or the renewal of a training activity must respond to this request within 10 days. 
  • The activities must last a minimum of 15 minutes. 
  • The ChAD must be notified when a trainer is replaced or added to a currently accredited training activity. Please do so by filling out the online form (in French only) on ÉduChAD.​ 
  • All changes to an accredited activity must be submitted in the form of a new application for accreditation.


  1. The duly completed accreditation application form (in French only), submitted on ÉduChAD.
  2. The detailed training plan, including but not limited to: 
  • ​general and specific objectives
  • course content
  • course length
  • learning strategy used
  • learning materials used

3. The resume of the trainer(s), showing that he/she/they meet the ChAD’s criteria for recognition.
4. The payment, by credit card or cheque


The ChAD must receive payment of the required fees before analysing the application for accreditation. The following fees cover the 2-year accreditation period: 

  • $50 file analysis fee 
  • $80 per PDU granted ($20 per quarter of PDU) 
  • $15 per assigned trainer to the training activity

The following fees cover a one-day accreditation:

  • $50 file analysis fee
  • $25 per PDU ($6.25 per quarter of PDU)
  • No fee per trainer assigned to the training activity

A file analysis fee is now required to renew the accreditation, and is non-reimbursable, even if the renewal is denied.