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The ChAD has five committees

  • Comité Audit et technologies de l’information
  • Comité de gouvernance, d’éthique et de ressources humaines
  • Comité de nomination
  • Comité sur l’évolution de la pratique professionnelle
  • Comité de discipline

In the context of their respective fields of expertise, these committees must, among other things:

  • Communicate their recommendations to the Board of directors
  • Support the ChAD’s permanent staff in upholding the orgnisation’s mission

Tenure of Office

The president and the vice-president of the Discipline Committee are appointed for a 5-year period and the members for a 3-year period. All terms can be renewed.

The members of the other committees are appointed for 2-year periods, and their term can be renewed only once, except if the Board of the ChAD decides otherwise.