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Floods and insurance: answers to your questions!

Every year, many people endure flooding and the damages that result. These are difficult times for disaster victims and many questions may arise. The Chambre de l’assurance de dommages has the answer to many of your questions.

Is my house insured against natural disasters?
Insurance policies cover the majority of natural disasters. Contracts generally cover damages caused by unforeseeable events. Thus, damage to your home caused by hail, snow, wind or ice storms is covered, depending on the coverage provided for in your insurance policy.

Flooding, however, is not covered in Quebec, nor is it covered elsewhere in Canada or in the United States since it is considered a foreseeable event. Federal, provincial and municipal governments are well aware of this risk. For these reasons, damages caused by flood waters are not covered.

Is my motor vehicle insured against floods?
Automobile insurance policies differ from home insurance policies. If your contract includes this type of coverage, your motor vehicle will be insured. An “all risk” contract covers all types of damage, including damage caused by a flood.

My home has been flooded. Who can give me financial assistance?
When disaster strikes, the first thing to do is contact your damage insurance representative. He is there to advise you and will explain to you what you should do. He will check your insurance contract.

The government has a financial assistance programme for disaster victims who have suffered flood damage. For further information on this programme, please go to the website of the Ministry of Public Security.

When flooding occurs, your municipality is the first to act and works in close collaboration with the provincial government. Your municipality will give you guidance.

What can I do to make filing a claim easier?
We strongly recommend that you draw up a list of your damaged or destroyed property and, if possible, take pictures or make a video of this property before disposing of it.

I have to vacate my home due to a catastrophic event. Am I covered?
Depending upon the situation, either the insurer or the government will cover a disaster victim’s living expenses. A number of factors are taken into consideration including whether or not you have received an evacuation order or are leaving voluntarily.

We suggest you keep all your receipts for food and lodging while you are away from your residence. Depending on the nature of the claim and your insurance contract, these costs may be eligible for reimbursement.