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Collection and Communication of Personal Information

When carrying out an investigation, the claims adjuster must obtain the claimant’s authorization before collecting and communicating information concerning this claimant. It is recommended that a consent form be used.

According to the Act respecting the Protection of personal information in the private sector, consent given by the claimant: 

  • must be manifest, free and enlightened, and must be given for specific purposes; 
  • is valid only for the length of time needed to achieve the purposes for which it was requested.

Contents of a Consent Form

  • ​The object of the file;
  • The identity of third parties or companies from whom the insured-claimant authorizes the collection of personal information;
  • The identity of third parties or companies to whom the insured-claimant allows the communication of personal information; 
  • The use that will be made of information collected or communicated;
  • The nature of the information exchanged;
  • The period during which the consent is valid;
  • The location where the file thus constituted will be kept;
  • The right to access and rectify the file.