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Request for Reimbursement from a Third Party

​​​​​​​​​​After having finalized the settlement of the claim, the claims adjuster may send a letter requesting reimbursement to a third party who has been deemed liable for the damages the insured suffered.

The letter requesting reimbursement:

  • Informs the third party of how much the insurer paid the insured in compensation; 
  • Requests that the third party reimburse this amount; 
  • Notifies the third party of the amount of the deductible the insured paid.

After the letter has been sent to the third party, the claims adjuster must:

  • Inform the insured of the applicable limitation period and the procedure to follow. 
  • Inform the insured that he must try by himself to obtain reimbursement for the deductible and for damages for which the insurer did not provide compensation. 
  • Avoid voicing any legal opinion or opinion that could influence the matter.

Please note that:
The claims adjuster’s mandate with respect to subrogation ends at this point. It is then up to the insurer to take the steps required to collect the amount owing, in accordance with its own procedure..