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Elections 2016

Publication date: January 17, 2016 | Last update: March 13, 2020

​​​​Notice of vote

Pursuant to the Act respecting the distribution of financial products and services, the members of the Chambre de l’assurance de dommageselect 8 of the 13 directors who sit on the Chamber’s Board of Directors. The other five directors are independent and are appointed by the Minister of Finance. This year, three directors’ positions come up for election.


3 Directors from t​he Industry Voting Group
1 Brokerage Firm Officer (firm of 15 certified or less), certified Brokers
1 Direct Insurer Officer, certified
1 Direct Insurer Officer, none certified


Nomination forms​

If you wish to run for the position of director, please obtain a nomination form below (which lists the conditions of eligibility) and a solemn declaration of eligibility to occupy the position of director. Please note that only nomination forms received by the Chamber before 5:00 p.m. on February 14, 2016 will be accepted.



All representatives who are members of the Chambre de l’assurance de dommages and duly authorized to practice by the Autorité des marchés financiers as of March 1, 2016 may vote. The documents required for voting will be mailed by April 15, 2016 to brokers and agents who are eligible to vote in this election.

Polls close at 5:00 p.m. on May 1, 2016.

For further information or to reach the Chief Electoral Officer, Me Jannick Desforges, please call the Chambre de l’assurance de dommages at 1 800 361-7288