Renewal of a Business-lines Insurance Policy Renewal of a Business-lines Insurance Policy de l’assurance des entreprises

​​​It is important to contact your damage insurance representation and notify him of any changes to your situation that could trigger changes to your insurance policy.

​For example, if you answer YES to any of these boxes, please contact your representative.


Business-lines insurance policy

  1. Have you added to or made any changes to your company?
  2. Have you developed or begun marketing any new products?
  3. Have you acquired any new equipment or hardware (including computer hardware)?
  4. Have you renovated or do you plan to renovate your office or buildings?
  5. Have you seen an increase or a decrease in your income or a change in how your income is distributed?
  6. Do you have any new employees?
  7.  Have you seen an increase or any variation in the value of merchandise?
  8. Have you acquired or set up a new branch/building/etc.?
  9. Have you had a new alarm system installed or taken any other new measures to protect your goods or your buildings?
  10. Do you have any new neighbours or are you aware of your neighbours opening a new business that could be considered risky, for instance, a gas station, bar, restaurant, etc. or have any neighbours left their premises empty?
  11. Have you had a professional appraisal of your property or buildings done?
  12. Do you have any new operations outside of the province or the country?


Business-lines automobile insurance policy

  1.  Have you acquired, substituted or sold one or more vehicles during the course of year?
  2. Have you made any changes to any of your vehicles or installed any equipment that increases their value?
  3. Does your business now include any new activities that could affect your automobile insurance?
  4. Do you use vehicles to transport valuable goods or hazardous or flammable materials?
  5. Have you acquired one or more trailers during the course of the year?
  6. Have you put one or more of your vehicles into storage or put them back on the road?
  7. Have you had an anti-theft device or a GPS either installed or deactivated on one or more of your vehicles?
  8. Do you have any new drivers?
  9. Has your driver’s licence or the licence of any other person driving the insured vehicle(s) been suspended?
  10. Have you changed the distance you travel or the area in which you conduct business?
  11. Do you use one or more vehicles outside Quebec?
  12. Have you changed how you use your vehicles?

You can also consult the others notices of renewal​ for:

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