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Social Media

Length: 0 h 45 | Cost: $ 27
Professional development unit(s) per category
Administration: 0,75 PDU
(Connection required)


This training addresses three related topics: social media, web privacy, and responsible internet use. It allows participants to think critically about the good use of social media at work, online privacy, authentication of the resources they leverage, and security to use the internet responsibly. In doing so, this training allows participants to acquire the reflexes and good practices that protect them, their organization as well as its stakeholders.

Specific objectives

  • Understand the privacy and information ownership issues inherent in the use of social networks.

  • Discover the potential threats posed by fraudsters and cybercriminals.

  • Understand the risks of inadvertently disclosing sensitive information on the web.

  • Understand and recognize potential online threats.

  • Learn how inappropriate use of the Internet could threaten the organization. 
  • Understand what constitutes acceptable Internet use in the workplace.