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Focusing on Compliance for claims adjusters

Length: 2 h | Cost: 60 $
Targeted audience
Professional development unit(s) per category
Compliance: 2 PDU
(Connection required)


This training was the mandatory course for the 2018-2019 reference period. However, you can take the training for the current reference period and earn 2 PDUs in Compliance. Please note you cannot earn PDUs for the same training more than twice in your career.

This online course aims to make professionals aware of their obligations and the consequences related to negligence, one of the most frequent reasons for complaints to the Syndic’s Office every year.

Through this course composed of reality based scenarios, interviews, interactive activities and video narrations, professionals will receive a reminder of the legislative provisions of their profession and will learn to distinguish disciplinary complaints from professional liability proceedings. It will also improve their understanding of how the courts interpret their obligations.

Professionals will then reflect on best practices to avoid negligence in various real-life contexts, such as the transmission of personal information, your role in damage assessment, acts reserved for claims adjusters, claim file control and notes in client records.

With this mandatory course on compliance,the ChAD acts in a preventive manner by providing the tools to help professionals avoid common errors.

General objective

At the end of the course, you will be able to: 

  • Recognize legal and ethical issues in your practice related to negligence; 
  • Implement measures allowing you to better fulfill your obligations and ensure public protection.