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Information protection

Length: 1 h | Cost: 36 $, included in the package Folio
Professional development unit(s) per category
Administration: 1 PDU
(Connection required)


Data handling and information protection are daily challenges in the digital age. By adopting the right practices, not only do you protect your organization and your customers, but you protect yourself as well. This course is a solid overview of the best information protection strategies to mitigate the risks of potential security breaches.

Specific objectives

  • Understand why companies classify their information.
  • Understand the value of information to an organization.
  • Learn how to properly manage information throughout its life cycle.
  • Discover confidentiality and related rights and obligations.
  • Understand what is considered personal information.
  • Make you aware of the dangers of connecting unknown USB devices to computers which could lead to malware infection or the installation of a program.