Accreditation processAccreditation process

​​​Training organizations, trainers, law firms, consultants or damage insurance companies can apply for an accreditation. The procedure is :

  1. Respect the accreditation criteria.
  2. Duly completed accreditation application form. (French only)
  3. Provide the requested documents.
  4. Pay the required fees.

An activity’s accreditation remains valid for two years. After, an application for renewal must be completed. (French only)



  • All applications for accreditation must be submitted at least 30 days before the training activity is held.
  • The ChAD must receive payment of the required fees at the same time as the application for accreditation.
  • A supplier who receives a request from the ChAD for additional information on accreditation or the renewal of a training activity must respond to this request within 10 days.
  • The activities must last a minimum of one hour. No fractional PDUs may be granted.
  • Any replacement or addition of a new trainer must be notified to the ChAD using the online form (french only).
  • All changes to an accredited activity must be submitted in the form of a new application for accreditation.



  • To be granted accreditation, distance or on-line training must include a summative evaluation with a minimal of 5 questions by accreditated hour and a final mark.
  • The passing grade for members is 60%.
  • The method of evaluation as well as the name of an experienced trainer must be described in the documentation that accompanies the application for accreditation.



  1. the duly completed accreditation application form (French only)
  2. the detailed training plan, including but not limited to:
    • the general and specific objectives
    • the course content
    • the course length
    • the learning strategy used
    • the pedagogical materials used
  3. the resume of the trainer(s), showing that he/she/they meet the ChAD’s criteria for recognition.
  4. the payment



The ChAD must receive payment of the required fees at the same time as it receives the application for accreditation. The following fees cover a 2-year period:

  • 65$ fee of analysis (for each training plan submitted)
  • 55$ per PDU granted
  • 10$ per accredited trainer​

The fees of analysis are now required for renewal-of accreditation and kept in case of refusal.

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