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Accessing my trainer file​​​


Areas of accreditation​

​​As stipulated in the Regulation on Compulsory Professional Development, the ChAD offers accreditation for training activities in the following five areas:

  •  Compliance

Including: The Act respecting the distribution of financial products and services, the Law and Rules of the Autorité des marchés financiers, keeping and preservation of books and registers, relevant legislation and regulations applied to damage insurance representatives and firms, ethics, inquiry process and the Privacy Act.

  • Administration

Including: economics, accounting and finance, human resources management, marketing, information systems management, management and business strategies.

  • Insurance Techniques

Including: personal lines insurance, commercial lines insurance, risk management, claims adjustment, building services, investigation and loss-prevention techniques.

  • Law

Including: damage insurance, civil law and commercial law.​

  • Professional Development

Including: customer service, sales techniques and knowledge transmission methods.


In keeping with our members’ concerns, these training activities must have a direct link to damage insurance or firm management and enable the ChAD to better protect the public. Consequently, language or communications courses, as well as “personal development” courses are not eligible for accreditation.


For mor information on the subjects included in each areas :

Profil des compétences (in French only)
Subjects in Compliance (in French only)

Criteria for trainers

​An activity can only receive accreditation if it is given by one experienced trainer, who has the relevant training or experience in training. In order to receive ChAD accreditation, the activity must be given by a trainer who meets the following criteria:


Professional experience

3 years of experience in the subject taught.


Trainers experience

240 hours of experience as a trainer. Or 12 hours of training in knowledge transmission methods, combined with a 100 hours of experience as a trainer. If no experience as a trainer, one can do a 24 hours of training in knowledge transmission methods. Institut d’assurance de dommages du Québec and by IC Formation continue.

Accreditation criteria

​​​​All accredited activities must therefore :

  • Last a minimum of one hour. No fractional PDUs may be granted.
  • Satisfy the following criteria :
    • aim to increase ChAD members’ expertise in the field of damage insurance and claims adjustment;
    • further the competence and professionalism;
    • include a learning structure (have pedagogical value);
    • must not be design to promote a specific damage insurance product or internal procedures.
  • Be given during a convention, a symposium, a seminar, a conventional training session or a distance or on-line training
  • Correspond to one of the areas stipulated in the Regulation on Comp​ulsory Professional Development.
  • Be given by a trainer recognized ​by the ChAD.


For more information :

Regulation respecting the compulsory professional development of the Chambre de l’assurance de dommages
Important Change: 2 PDUs for a training activity developed by the ChAD
​Beginning with the 2016-2017 reference period, representatives will be obliged to take a course developed by the ChAD worth 2 professional development units (PDUs) dealing with either compliance with ethical or professional practice standards or with the evolution of the legal rules governing the sector of activity covered by the representative’s certificate. T​he new training ​Focusing on compliance: your duty to inform, explain and advise will be offered at the ChAD’s training site, ÉduChAD​, and the PDUs earned will count towards the 20 mandatory PDUs representatives must earn during each reference period.

Politique relative à la formation continue obligatoire (in French only)

Accreditation process

​​​Training organizations, trainers, law firms, consultants or damage insurance companies can apply for an accreditation. The procedure is :

  1. Respect the accreditation criteria.
  2. Duly completed accreditation application form. (French only)
  3. Provide the requested documents.
  4. Pay the required fees.

An activity’s accreditation remains valid for two years. After, an application for renewal must be completed. (French only)



  • All applications for accreditation must be submitted at least 30 days before the training activity is held.
  • The ChAD must receive payment of the required fees at the same time as the application for accreditation.
  • A supplier who receives a request from the ChAD for additional information on accreditation or the renewal of a training activity must respond to this request within 10 days.
  • The activities must last a minimum of one hour. No fractional PDUs may be granted.
  • Any replacement or addition of a new trainer must be notified to the ChAD using the online form (french only).
  • All changes to an accredited activity must be submitted in the form of a new application for accreditation.



  1. the duly completed accreditation application form (French only)
  2. the detailed training plan, including but not limited to:
    • the general and specific objectives
    • the course content
    • the course length
    • the learning strategy used
    • the pedagogical materials used
  3. the resume of the trainer(s), showing that he/she/they meet the ChAD’s criteria for recognition.
  4. the payment



The ChAD must receive payment of the required fees at the same time as it receives the application for accreditation. The following fees cover a 2-year period:

  • 70$ fee of analysis (for each training plan submitted)
  • ​65$ per PDU granted
  • 15$ per accredited trainer​

The fees of analysis are now required for renewal-of accreditation and kept in case of refusal.

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