Mandatory Course 2016-2017 for claims adjustersMandatory Course 2016-2017 for claims adjusters

​Accreditation number: AFC08586-EXP-ENG


This training will take you on a journey through mises en scène, interviews, interactive activities and video narrations. It introduces a few obstacles that one must face in the profession, describes the professional system that governs it, and concludes with the deontology code.

It defines your obligations before exploring, through various stage settings, the challenging side of your practice. But mostly, the training offers advice and pertinent aid to help you fulfill your obligations.

With this obligatory compliance training course, the CHAD acts in a preventive manner by providing the tools to help its members avoid common errors.



Claims adjusters



At the completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Recognize legal and deontological mishaps by fault of misinforming, misguiding and controlling certain situations.
  • ​​Applying measures to better acquit yourself from your obligations and assure the public’s protection.
  • Identify important sources of public dissatisfaction.


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