How to obtain PDUsHow to obtain PDUs

​​​​The ChAD allocates PDUs for training activities that offer an educational value and are offered during:

  • A congress
  • A conference
  • A workshop
  • A course


​ChAD can also agree to certify:

  • A seminar
  • A conventional training session
  • A distance training session
  • A CEGEP or universitary training session The ChAD credits PDUs to members who:
  • Participate in accredited activities (including those that one takes steps to have recognized by the ChAD)
  • Perform training activities
  • Sit on the ChAD's Discipline Committee
    Request form (Available in French only) (PDF)



In order to obtain your PDUs after a training session, you must:

  • Make sure that the activity is credited*
  • Sign the attendance sheet at the end of the activity, and write down your certificate number
  • Make sure your personal information on the attendance sheet is correct
  • Attend the whole training activity–PDUs are granted only for completed training activties
  • Inform the ChAD of any interruption in your professional activities, if you wish to be excused from your Compulsory Professional Development obligations. To be excused from an activity, you must fill out the appropriate form and send it to the ChAD.


Other important facts

  •  If an accredited training activity is given in several sessions or if it comprises an evaluation, PDUs are allotted for the date of the beginning of the course.
  • PDUs for a given training activity can only be allotted once during a period of conformity, even if the member has taken the activity more than once.
  • A member who has attended a training activity not yet accredited by the ChAD can present a request to have it accredited.




* A training activity fulfills the ChAD’s requirements when the logo of the ChAD appears on the advertising for the activity. The logo also specifies the category and number of PDUs granted.


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