How to Obtain PDUsHow to Obtain PDUs

The ChAD grants PDUs for training activities that are of educational value.

Examples of eligible activities: 

  • a classroom course; 
  • a workshop; 
  • training offered during a convention, symposium or seminar; 
  • distance learning, either on-line or by videoconference.

The ChAD grants PDUs to the following persons:


In order to earn your PDUs after participating in a training activity, please:

  • make sure that the activity has been accredited*; 
  • sign the attendance sheet at the end of the activity, and write down your certificate number; 
  • make sure that your personal information on the attendance sheet is correct; 
  • attend the entire training activity–PDUs are only granted for completed training activities. 

More Useful Information

  • ​Notify the ChAD of any absence from work of more than four weeks should you wish to be exempted from a compulsory professional development activity for reasons of force majeure (sick leave, parental leave, etc.). 
  • If an accredited training activity is given in several sessions or if it includes an evaluation, PDUs are granted on the date of the first session or the date the course begins. 
  • Members may earn PDUs for a specific training activity a maximum of two times, as long as they participate in the activity during two separate reference periods. 
  • A member who has attended a non-accredited training activity may apply to the ChAD to have this training recognized. The member must simply fill out the form​ to that effect and include all documents and information requested.

* A training activity fulfills the ChAD’s requirements when the ChAD’s logo appears on the advertising for the activity. The logo also specifies the class and the number of PDUs.


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