4. Insurance Checklist for Syndicates of Co-ownership 4. Insurance Checklist for Syndicates of Co-ownership http://chad.ca/en/members/professional-practice/toolbox/the-advisory-role/519/4-insurance-checklist-for-syndicates-of-co-ownership

Co-ownership insurance is a complex area that a syndicate of co-ownership (the co-owners community) must be familiar with in order to best fulfil the various insurance obligations to which it is committed. The syndicate’s directors are elected to the board of directors and are in charge of managing the condominium and more specifically, its insurance policies. In addition to their obligations, they must provide information to the other co-owners with regard to relationships between the various insurance contracts. Moreover, the syndicate’s responsibility could be held liable if it does not respect the provisions of the law and the declaration of co-ownership.


This insurance checklist (which can be used for a new co-ownership insurance contract or a renewal) is intended for the co-ownership syndicate's directors in order to help clarify their discussions with their damage insurance agent or broker. It specifies their main obligations and lists the important information and necessary documents that must be sent to all the co-owners and the damage insurance agent or broker in order to obtain adequate coverage.


For more information, see the following documents:


  • Checklist (September 2017)
    This checklist includes:

    • The obligations of a syndicate of co-ownership, and insurance needs.
    • Information contained in the declaration of co-ownership, in particular, the provisions pertaining to insurance.
    • Documents and information that must be provided to insurance professionals.
    • Other information that must be factored in to ensure adequate coverage.
  • A list of documents for damage insurance brokers and agents (May 2016)
    This list of documents, for damage insurance agents and brokers, contains all the indispensable documents they must obtain in order to properly analyse the co-ownership’s file. It also includes documents that help fill in the picture, in particular when dealing with more complex co-ownerships.

  • Notice regarding the renewal of a condominium unit owner’s insurance policy (March 2015)
    Another tool, which is useful at renewal time, is available to owners of condominium units (private portion).

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