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​​​​​​​The level of confidence consumers have in damage insurance and claims adjustment professionals depends on perception: the more positive their perception of representatives, the more consumers trust them. For consumers, knowing that representatives are professionals who are subject to regulatory oversight is a factor that contributes to improving the image of the industry in their eyes.1 In fact, nine out of ten Quebecers believe that it is important for organizations like the ChAD to be specifically responsible for overseeing the practice of damage insurance agents and brokers, as well as claims adjusters.2

​​​​​A number of ChAD members have therefore already looked into the possibility of putting the ChAD’s logo on their websites. Highlighting the fact that you are a member of your profession’s regulatory body is not a new idea; other professions also do so. In order for ChAD members to fully comply with the rules governing how they publicize their membership in the organization, the ChAD has designed a logo for members’ use and adopted a “​​Policy on Members’ Use of the ChAD’s Logo​”. This article reviews the main aspects of the policy.

A Visual Identity for Member Use Only

  • ​​​​​First of all, you may only use the logo designed specifically for members. 
  • The ChAD’s institutional logo may not be used by members, except on tools and documents that the ChAD has designed and made available to firms. 
  • The use of the members’ logo for advertising, websites or other professional representations is reserved for members of the ChAD, in other words, representatives who hold a valid certificate issued by the Autorité des marchés financiers (the Authority). Moreover, representatives who have been struck off the roll or suspended may not display or use the logo. 
  • It is important to remember that a logo is the visual representation of a business or a brand. It allows the business or brand to stand out from the competition. Thus, to protect the distinctiveness of the ChAD’s logo, it must be used as such, without changing, adding, or removing anything. For example, you are not allowed to change the logo’s colour, add any shading to the text or move the text around within the logo.

Using the Logo Properly

The ChAD’s members’ logo may be used, in particular, on 

  • ​websites, 
  • business cards, 
  • advertising, 
  • letterhead 
  • together with the representative’s photo.

However, the logo cannot be used as a watermark; it cannot be used in a way that could imply that the ChAD recommends or approves of the products and services the representative offers; and it cannot be used on any other document that the ChAD has not produced and approved.

Furthermore, when it is displayed on a website, the ChAD’s logo must include a hyperlink to chad.ca​. And finally, if the ChAD’s logo appears together with the firm’s logo, of the two, the firm’s logo must be displayed more prominently.

When in doubt, representatives who wish to use the ChAD’s logo can contact the Communications Department at info@chad.qc.ca.

For more information, see the following documents:


1. Léger poll conducted in February 2013 for the ChAD.
2. Ad’Hoc Research poll conducted in 2014 for the ChAD.

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