1. Procedure: The Protection of Personal Information1. Procedure: The Protection of Personal Informationhttp://chad.ca/en/members/professional-practice/toolbox/protection-of-personal-information/86/1-procedure-the-protection-of-personal-information

​Personal information must be protected at every stage of the information-collection life cycle: from “birth” (when the information is actually collected) to the end of the life cycle (when the information is completely and safely destroyed).

When personal information is being collected, the damage insurance representative or the claims adjuster must inform the person concerned regarding the object of the file, the use that will be made of his personal information, the persons who will have access to it, the place where the file will be kept, and his rights to access and rectify the personal information in it.

Information collected must also be subject to limited access and restricted use throughout the period of time that it is preserved. Moreover, personal information must be fully preserved for five years after the last recorded activity in the file.

Whatever the nature of the information (identity, financial or personal activity), damage insurance representatives and claims adjusters must comply with their obligations regarding the collection and sharing of information, as well as with the conditions and elements required for consent.

Please familiarize yourself with the procedure and implement all the requirements that apply to you, thus ensuring that your professional practices or those of your organization comply with the Act respecting the protection of personal information in the private sector.

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