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​Everyone who operates a business must put measures in place to protect the personal information they hold regarding others. These measures apply to each stage in the life cycle of personal information: when it is collected, communicated, used, held, conserved, and destroyed.

​The damage insurance representatives and the claims adjusters must respect the obligations related to the collection and sharing of personal information.

​When collecting personal information, they must inform the insured individual about: 

  • the subject of the file; 
  • the use of the personal information collected and the people who will have access to it; 
  • the place where the file will be kept; 
  • the individuals’ right to access and rectify their file.

​In addition, the personal information must: 

  • Be subject to limited access and restricted use; 
  • Be conserved in full for five years after the last recorded activity in the file.

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  • Procedure (June 2012)
    You will find information specifically about:

    • Collecting and communicating personal information
    • Using personal information
    • Keeping and storing personal information
    • Destroying personal information
    • An individual’s right to access his/her personal information


  • Frequently Asked Questions (June 2019)
    Here you will find the responses to the most frequently asked questions regarding the protection of personal information.

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