1. Collection and Communication of Personal Information 1. Collection and Communication of Personal Information http://chad.ca/en/members/professional-practice/toolbox/collecting-and-disclosing-personal-information/117/1-collection-and-communication-of-personal-information

​​​​The consent form used by claims adjusters when collecting and communicating personal information concerning the insured-claimant must complies with the requirements of the Act Respecting the Protection of Personal Information in the private sector (henceforth referred to as the Act).

Article 6 of the Act makes the use of the Consent Form mandatory. This article stipulates that any person collecting personal information relating to another person may collect such information only from the person concerned, unless the latter consents to collection from third persons.

The requirements pertaining to consent are found in article 14 of the Act. Consent to the collection, communication or use of personal information must be manifest, free, and enlightened, and must be given for specific purposes. Furthermore, this consent is only valid for the length of time needed to achieve the purposes for which it was requested.

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