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​​Some actions may only be performed by claims adjusters while others can also be carried out by service providers, specialists or employees over the phone who are authorized to settle claims pursuant to the guidelines of the Autorité des marchés financiers.

The Claims Adjuster: 

  •  Is the project supervisor managing the entire claims adjustment process;  
  • Investigates the loss, appraises the damage and negotiates the settlement; 
  • May mandate service providers or specialists to carry out specific activities which are exclusive to the claims adjuster, though the adjuster remains ethically responsible for such work.

The service providers or specialists mandated by the claim adjuster must: 

  • Perform solely the work requested from them by the claims adjuster; 
  • Remain within their field of speciality and refrain from acting beyond those limits.

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  • Sharing of Roles and Responsabilities (April 2016)
    This table takes into account the implementation guideline Directive d’application de l’Autorité des marchés financiers en regard de la définition d’expert en sinistre et des activités qui lui sont exclusives.
    It sets out the roles and activities that are exclusively restricted to claims adjusters and those that can be performed by other people.

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