2. The Claimant's Handbook2. The Claimant's Handbookhttp://chad.ca/en/members/professional-practice/toolbox/claims-adjustment/368/2-the-claimants-handbook

​​​​This guide aims to help the claimants to understand the claims settlement process, to encourage them to participate in the decision-making process and to follow up on the work of all those involved in settling the claim.

This guide includes :

  • A checklist and a chart to properly follow up each stage of settling the claim;
  • A list of players;
  • The steps to follow when a loss occurs including handy tips and advice;
  • A list of the main documents required to settle a claim;
  • A dictionary of terms to clarify some technical terms;
  • The recourse for the insureds who feel that they have been unfairly treated in the claims settlement process.

Personalize and share The Claimant’s Handbook! 
The ChAD encourages brokers, agents and claims adjuster to share this guide with their clients to raise awareness of the claims settlement process.
Firms can personalize the guide with their logo on the cover page before share it with their clients. Contact us at info​@chad.qc.ca for more information about personalization.

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