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​​​​​​​This guide aims to help claimants understand the claim settlement process, encourage them to participate in the decision-making process, and follow up adequately with the players involved in the settlement, among other things.

The handbook includes:

  • A checklist and an action follow-up chart that claimants may complete with the help of their claims adjuster if needed 
  • A list of the players who may be involved in the claim settlement process along with their roles and duties 
  • The steps to follow in the event of a claim, with some tips and advice 
  • A list of the main documents required that a claimant may be asked to sign for a settlement 
  • A glossary specifying some of the technical terms common to damage insurance 
  • Options in the event where the claimant is dissatisfied with the settlement process

Customize and share your Claimant’s Handbook!

Whether it needs to be used in prevention or following a damage, ChAD encourages brokers, agents and claims adjusters to share this guide with your clients to raise their awareness about the claims adjustment process. Firms may also customize it with their logo on the cover page for distribution to clients. Contact ChAD at info​@chad.qc.ca to learn more about customizing this guide.

For more information, see the following document:



  • The Claimant's Handbook​ (May 2015)
    In it you will find the following items:​​

    • Claim Checklist
    • ​Players Involved: Who’s Who?
    • Steps to Settling a Claim
    • Required Documents
    • Glossary
    • ChAD to Serve You
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