The probationary period: Three rules for successThe probationary period: Three rules for success règles pour aider les finissants à réussir leur période probatoire

​Graduates of damage insurance programmes must go through a probationary period in order to earn their representative’s certificate.

During this probationary period, the supervisor is responsible for all acts performed by the trainee. He must ensure that the trainee complies with the legislation and regulations as well as the relevant code of ethics.

  • Rule 1: Verify the probationary certificate and the probationary period.
  • Rule 2: Establish the training plan and provide the trainee with support.
  • Rule 3: Focus on developing the trainee’s skills.

The supervisor must meticulously oversee the trainee’s work. Of course, the supervisor’s responsibilities vary according to the products that the trainee offers to the consumer.

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