Potential Sanctions Potential Sanctions http://chad.ca/en/consumers/protecting-the-public/filing-a-complaint-with-the-syndics-office/200/potential-sanctions

​The Discipline committee can impose the following sanctions:

  • a reprimand
  • temporary or permanent striking off the roll (even if the member has not been entered thereon from the date of the offence)
  • a fine of $2,000 to $50,000 for each offence
  • the obligation to remit to any person entitled to it a sum of money the professional is or should be holding for him
  • the obligation to transmit a document or the information contained in any document, and the obligation to complete, delete, update or rectify any document or information
  • the revocation of the certificate
  • restriction or suspension of the right to engage in professional activities.


​The committee also decides who must pay fees and disbursements, in other words, the costs incurred during a disciplinary proceeding. Costs include: bailiff’s costs, transcription fees, allowances and expenses of witnesses and the members of the Discipline committee, etc. Generally speaking, the losing party assumes the fees and disbursements; however, the committee may decide that the parties must share these costs.


​Finally, although it is not a sanction as such, the Discipline committee may recommend to the ChAD’s Board of Directors that it require the member to take a course or training. In such a case, the recommendation must be approved by the Board of Directors and the member must successfully complete the course or training within the prescribed time limit or his certificate will not be renewed.

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