Organizational chartOrganizational chart

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Consult the Organizational chart​ (in French only)​

The Office of the President and CEO

  • Maya Raic, MBA, M. Sc. pol., C. Adm.,​ President and Chief Executive Officer 
  • Huguette Poitras, Executive Secretary


Administrative Services ​

  • Jocelin Pilon, Director 
  • Katy Vanier, Accounting Clerk 


Department of Communications and Public Affairs

  • Joëlle Calce-Lafrenière, MBA, Director 
  • Juliette Belle, Project Manager, Communications and Marketing 
  • Lisane Blanchard, Project Manager, Communications and Public Affairs 
  • Christelle Chesneau, Assistant, Communications and Public Affairs 
  • Manon Gariépy, Information and Logistical​ Agent
  • Véronique Lieutaud, Project Manager, Communications and Public Affairs  (temporary)

Coalition pour la promotion des professions en assurance de dommages

  • Roxanne Hébert, M. Sc., Project Manager​
  • Caroline Giard, Communications Assistant


Inspections Department

  • Jackie Lisi, C.I.B., CIP, Director, Damage insurance broker
  • Imane Chekroun, Assistant, Inspection Department
  • Annick Gemme, Inspector, Personal-lines damage insurance broker
  • Jean-Sébastien Houle, Inspector, Personal-lines damage insurance broker
  • Vacant position, Inspector


Institutional Affairs and Professional Practice Compliance

  • Me Jannick Desforges, LL.B., Director 
  • Cynthia Ambroise, Secretary, Discipline Committee 
  • Me Ingi Khouzam, LL.B., Compliance Lawyer 


  • Vacant position​, ​Manager
  • ​Julie Boulanger, Training Coordinator, Personal-lines damage insurance broker
  • Vanessa Flamenco​, Training Coordinator​
  • Mélissa Grimard, Training Analyst, Personal-lines damage insurance broker


The Syndic's Offic​e

  • Me​ Marie-Josée Belhumeur, Syndic 
  • Marie Buchanan, Secretary to the Syndic 

Preliminary Investigations​

  • Karine Hamilton, Investigator, Claims adjuster in personal-lines damage insurance
  • Lucie Morin​, Investigator
  • Me Pascal Paquette-Dorion, Investigator​
  • Luce Raymond, Investigator and Assistant to the Syndic, Claims adjuster in personal-lines damage insurance
  • Me Sébastien Robert, Investigator


  • Sylvie Campeau, Investigator, Damage insurance broker
  • ​Me Nicolas Veilleux, LL.B., Investigator, Personal-lines damage insurance broker
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