Current BoardCurrent Board

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Chair of the Board

  • Diane Beaudry, CPA, CA, ICD.D., Independent



  • Jean-François Raymond, CRM, ICD.D., Brokerage Firm Officer (firm of 15 certified or less), certified



  • Dominique Chaussé, CPA, CA, ASC, MBA, ​Independent Officer​
  • Marie-Claude Dulac, F.C.I.P., Direct Insurer Officer, Certified
  • Lucie Fréchette, Brokerage Firm Officer, Certified
  • Simon Girard, FCIA, FCAS, Direct Insurer Officer, None certified
  • Hélène Grand-Maître, Independent Officer
  • Me Julie-Martine Loranger, ICD.D., Independent Officer
  • Sylvie Mercier, ASC, Independent Officer
  • ​​Marc Nadeau, F.C.I.P, MBA, CRM, Claims Adjustment Firm Officer, Certified
  • Marie-Lucie Paradis, Officer of an insurer that distribute by brokers, Certified​
  • Matthieu Préfontaine, Brokerage Firm Officer, Certified​​
  • Sylvie Racine, Direct Insurer Officer, Certified
4/26/2017 1:01:37 PM